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When it comes to mattresses, there are a few brand names that stand out for their overall quality. However, few have reached the international acclaim as Magniflex when it comes to providing the best in mattress construction, comfort and materials which has put them in a unique place within the industry.

By sticking to strict manufacturing standards and working towards improving their designs with new innovations, Magniflex has managed to remain among the top mattress companies in the world. But just how did this company earn its reputation?

What is Magniflex?

Founded in the 1960s by Guiliano Magni, the Magniflex line of mattresses got its early start in a small warehouse where its unique construction and use of materials started a revolution. Thanks to being in the world's capital of fabric and design, Magniflex was able to employ new ideas about how to get more restful sleep which improves the well-being of everyone who experiences the superb comfort of Magniflex mattresses.

Since their humble start a half-century ago, over a billion people have enjoyed a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to the many mattress models that have been produced by Magniflex. It’s little wonder that they have a sterling reputation when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

The Secret of Magniflex Design

When it comes to why Magniflex has created a stunning line of mattresses that have been hailed the world over as some of the best, there are many reasons why they have become one of the leaders in the industry.

Sturdy Construction: Over the decades, the designers of Magniflex mattresses have not only created unique designs in using the right materials, they have also provided the best in construction techniques. This means that Magniflex mattresses last longer under normal use conditions so that you can reap the rewards of your investment for many nights to come.

All Natural Materials: Thanks to be located in the capital of fabrics, Magniflex has their choice of using all natural materials in the construction of their mattresses. This tradition has allowed them to find the best materials possible which provide all the right support and comfort without the chemicals and toxic finishes that create indoor air pollution like many other mattress brands. By sticking to the all natural materials over the years, the reputation of Magniflex has been fully realized.

Comfortable Fabrics: Occupying a large part of the reason why Magniflex is so respected in the industry and by its customers, the fabrics used to cover its mattresses have provided great comfort and breathability that makes sleeping a true pleasure. Plus, the use of natural fabrics means relief for many who might suffer from allergies or experience discomfort from trying to sleep on artificial materials.

From our catalog you can choose the Toscana Cotton Grande or the Caresse mattresses that have earned much acclaim for their combination of comfort and support. In addition, we carry the Supremo line; including the Diomonte, Magnifico, and the new  Grandioso, that offers superb comfort and the highest density memory foam, along with luxurious materials usch as Cashmere and Silk, that will ensure you will enjoy many restful nights to come. We are also the exclusive dealer on the Treasure and Space Coast for The Virtuoso, summer cool and winter dry and warm, with the highest quality materials such as wool, horse hair, cashmere, camelhair, silk, linen, and cotton.

We carry the Classico line, Allegro12 and Allegro 10 which combines Magniflex’s high quality along with value pricing.


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